Breaking Down the Problems & Focusing on the Solutions

IPC Problems & Solutions Series Released to Provide Details for Senate Framework

March 24, 2010

Washington D.C. - Today, the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) releases its final problem and solutions series which outline the key challenges in our current immigration system and provide an overview of the various areas that must be addressed in a legislative immigration reform package. Last week, Senators Schumer and Graham released an outline for reform, advancing the process one more step. However, the details that will fill-in their outline are critical and can make the difference between solving our immigration problems and maintaining the status quo.

To read the papers in their entirety see:

Focusing on the Solutions: Key Principals of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
(IPC Special Report, March 23, 2010)

Breaking Down the Problems: What's Wrong With our Current Immigration System
(IPC Special Report, October 21, 2009)

Also see the Problems & Solutions PowerPoint Presentation based on these reports.

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